Little Jimmy, No Sprinkles

by deniseliberi

This painting is my favorite that I’ve done yet. I throughly enjoyed the process of painting this time around and felt like I solved a lot of problems easily while making it, even though it took me a relatively long time to finish. I am finding the larger scale paintings much more rewarding than the smaller ones I was working on before. Somehow, I naturally fell into painting the figure in a more flat, simplistic and illustrative manner, using less blending of tones and more filling in small shapes with solid color.

I am interested in the process of painting, a time-honored practice that I thoroughly enjoy and constantly learn from. Lately, however, making paintings has left me a little bit frustrated with its inherit limitations of flatness, solidity, and two dimensionality. This is why I have also been creating three-dimensional, transparent dioramas. I am going to paint my next painting on a transparent surface, perhaps with layers, to see what kind of bridge this might make between my paintings and dioramas.

"Little Jimmy, No Sprinkles" (in process I)

"Little Jimmy, No Sprinkles" (in process II)

"Little Jimmy, No Sprinkles", 2011, Oil on wood, 2' x 2' x 2"

"Little Jimmy, No Sprinkles" (Detail I)

"Little Jimmy, No Sprinkles" (Detail II)